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Who Is The Boomsquad?:


Since early high school year friends, Jeff and Joel had always been surrounded by music. Whether it was Joel hosting hip hop nights and shows out of his parents' restaurant supporting local talent, or Jeff being active in the nightlife DJ community by attending clubs and bars to support his DJ friends, music is a topic of great interest for the two. 


it was the beginning of 2010 that the two had an opportunity to share a night as a DJ and emcee combo. After an overwhelming amount of support that night, the two realized they shared something special that they could offer.


Together we bring, Boomsquad



Jeff Thurston

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During his early years, Jeff was able to smoothly transition his 5-year drumming and band experience into a DJ career after moving to the United States.


Today, Jeff has been DJing for over 12 years and his talents have been showcased amongst Local Radio and TV Show(s), 17-19 In-Arena Diamondbacks DJ and notable corporate events including. Jeff is also the owner of Boomsquad LLC. Specializing with an emcee combo, their efforts have focused on hosting Weddings and private events.


Most recently, Jeff can be found playing to the masses at both the college-crowd bars on Mill Avenue and Tucson, the lavish nightlife at clubs in Old Town, Scottsdale and many more in Downtown Phoenix.  


Hot Sizzle


Joel Avena

Started as a hip hop performer / promotor / host in the summer of 2004, putting together events and concerts with Arizona's top talent.


Studied Music Business at MCC and transitioned into ASU while interning at Lucky Man Promotions for a year.


Partnered with DJayT3 and Co-founded The Boom Squad in early 2011. Has hosted Weddings, Celebrity Events, charity events, hip hop shows, school dances, clubs nights and so on.


The man on the mic. Passionate and dedicated

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